Meditation is peace in the mind and bliss in the heart.
~Sri Chinmoy
Meditate for inner peace and outer harmony

Meditation is a journey of self-discovery. By making the mind calm and quiet, we can go deep within and discover who we really are. By doing so, we find lasting peace and happiness and learn how to effectively solve our life-problems and realize our highest aspirations.

The philosophy of the Sri Chinmoy Centre is simple yet unique – to improve the world around us we must first improve ourselves. Rather than political, economic or scientific solutions to the world’s problems, the Centre works from the premise that it is within the individual that the solution to all our problems exists.

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The Sri Chinmoy Centre offers free courses in meditation throughout the year in Auckland, Christchurch and Nelson as a service to the community. Our structured workshops introduce a broad range of techniques to familiarize you with the various types of meditation and will help you to develop a successful home practice. Following our introductory classes of four evening or two weekend sessions we offer an ongoing continuation program—also free of charge—to further deepen your meditation experience.

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Only when each person has a measure of peace, light and joy, can we have a world where outer harmony and brotherhood are predominant.

The cornerstone of the Sri Chinmoy Centre’s activities is meditation. Meditation transforms the experience of spirituality from a theoretical knowledge to a living immersion, bringing to the fore the peace, joy, light and love that is locked away deep inside all of us. The Sri Chinmoy Centre offers free lessons in meditation around all four corners of the globe, and provides a peaceful haven where its members meet to practice.

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